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Testemonial IN _Yifat

  Yifat Haim  

"When my daughter's attention problems started I tried everything to help her: therapeutic swimming, therapeutic riding, emotional therapy, sensory regulation therapy, but I saw no results. I felt like I was chasing my own tail and couldn't find a way to help her deal with the difficulties."


"In all the parent guiding sessions I attended I received 'recipes' and structured solutions. But my child is my special child and I am her special mother. I realized that only I as a mother know what is right for her and what is right for me as a mother.

Participating in the E.C.C parent coaching, training program enabled me to go through a process of growth and development, both as a mother and as a professional. I received tools and strength to create change in my life and in my daughter's life. 

The uniqueness of the method is basically that it does not give pre-determined recipes for problem solving but teaches a way of life to achieve success, a way that will accompany me along my life as a mother and as a person.

Even if more problems arise during life and it is clear to me that the girl is growing up and adolescence is still ahead of us, I am calm, because I know now that I have the tools to enable me to face difficulties and obstacles, and I am sure that thanks to them my daughter will be able to cope with challenges along the way."

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