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Dr. Maly Danino


Dr. Maly Danino is the Executive Director of Nitzan - the Israeli Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Ms. Danino has a PhD in Education from the Haifa University and was a lecturer for many years at the Master's Degree for Learning Disabilities at the Haifa University. Her doctoral work investigated how to best emotionally support parents of children with learning disabilities. The research compared parental group counseling verses coaching for individuals and investigates which methods are more effective for parents. Ms. Danino trains the parental coaches of these intervention programs according to a method that she developed at Nitzan and has become a leader in the field of parental coaching.


Prior to coming to Nitzan, Dr. Danino worked as an educational counselor for ten years and was the Principal of the High School for eight years. Ms. Danino was also the founder of the Learning Disabilities Unit of the Ministry of Education and directed the Unit for several years. She continues to this day to advocate for the rights of students with learning disabilities. She made numerous media appearances where she was invited to discuss various issues of learning disabilities and ADHD and published various articles and books on the subject.


Dr. Danino presented in conferences abroad dealing especially with parents of children with learning disabilities and ADHD: AGPA (American Group Psychotherapy Association), SPR (Society for Psychotherapy Research), CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), and LDA (Learning Disabilities Association).

Her first book –"The Parent as a Coach", The Journey of a Parent of a Child with Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD was published in 2007. In 2011 Dr. Danino published her second book "Coach Your Child to Success" which serves as a text book for professionals studying at Nitzan's unique E.C.C. (Emotional Cognitive Coaching) method. This book was translated to English in 2012, to Lithuanian in 2016, to Arabic in 2017 and is currently translated to Latvian. Several seminars on this method were conducted abroad in; Vilnius (2015, 2016), Kaunas (2015), Siauliai (2016), Riga and Liepaja (2016). Her latest book –" Letting Go with Love", was published in 2017.

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