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Testemonial IN _Hagit
“Being a parent is the most difficult and important role, that requires constant work for growth and change or in other words:  Coaching”


Hagit Dinelton - M.Ed. (Psychotherapy and Educational Counseling, Family Counseling in Education Systems) talks about the uniqueness of the training process in coaching parents, as a mother and as a professional.

"I was always engaged by the area of parenthood.  

My encounter with the ECC method taught me that no matter how much I studied about parenting, therapy and counseling - in order to make

a real change in life (without excuses and stories) it is necessary to practice ... practice at the meeting point between emotion and cognition and open a window to a new relationship Want to create with our children.

I made a decision ... I started learning the method and the working model.

At first I was agitated and opposed. Over the years I did not connect to coaching as a method of intervention. It is neither therapy nor counseling and the language was new to me. I was skeptical.
Sometimes I was angry that they managed to undermine my perception, especially when I thought to myself that I did not need coaching at all and certainly not with one of my children.

From the moment I was able to be focused on the task, to be attentive, without fighting what I already knew, the storm within me subsided. I learned to look at things differently, precisely out of the silence. I noticed how I draw my children for myself, to what do I say "yes", and to what do I say "no" and what is between my fantasy as a parent and life itself in vis a vis  my children.

In the process I went through and in my experience, I realized that the “coach” that Dr. Maly Danino, who developed the method, is talking about, is actually a carriage that takes us, the parents, to where our hearts want to go, even in the relationship with our children. Focusing on us parents, relating to feelings, thoughts and behaviors, is at the heart of the method and idea.
If you wish to embark on a different and challenging journey of learning - initially together with your child: to acquire tools, create change, gain new insights, identify the forces and distill the real goal - embark on this journey.

If you want to instill hope in other parents who are also facing their daily parenting challenge - embark on this training journey.

What about the children - how are they on this journey? "Our children are probably waiting for the moment when new thinking will be instilled in them and they will join us quickly and happily."

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