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Testemonial IN _Ruthie
"I gained a new acquaintance with myself and a fascinating learning experience!
I was given the opportunity to re-examine my strengths and weaknesses and explore opportunities for development. I became aware of the values that drive me."


"My name is Ruthie Lazar; I am an educator with 38 years of experience, including 23 years of management. When I retired, I thought about how I could combine my rich experience in practical practice through which I could contribute and experience meaning.

I chose to use my experience and help parents of adolescents. This choice was made following a chance meeting with a friend, who told me very enthusiastically about the program for training professionals for cognitive emotional coaching, using the E.C.C. method.  "I got caught up in her enthusiasm" and ... I signed up for the training program.

Participating in the program was a fascinating experience for me. The learning was interesting, structured and focused, just the way I like it. At each session we added to our toolbox coaching tools adapted to work with the method.
I gained a new acquaintance with myself! I was given the opportunity to

re-examine my strengths and weaknesses, and to explore opportunities

for development.


I became aware of the values that drive me. I learned to listen "differently".   Listening, made the communication with my adult son more precise, this was not at all obvious. It allowed me to ask open and proactive questions and see it in a new light; I learned to develop "emotional conversations," to peek into his world, his desires, and the challenges he sets to himself.

The important process I went through while studying the program, also had a positive effect on my relationships with my  other family members: with my daughter, with my children's spouses, with my spouse (extremely important!), My extended family and friends. I acquired new friends and made wonderful connections. I did not believe that I would be able to expand my social circle, even after retirement. I believe all of this was made possible because the atmosphere of trust and openness that characterized the learning in

the program.

Following the outbreak of the corona virus, a combination of frontal learning and remote learning took place, which enriched and diversified the way of learning, deepened the intimacy between the participants and opened up a window of opportunity for work through distance coaching as well.

I was fortunate to experience processes that other participants went through and I learned a lot from them. I chose, like most program participants, to pursue the ‘practicum’ to specialize in parent coaching.  At the practicum, I expand and deepen my specialization in working with the method and thus, fulfill myself, contribute from my experience, feel significant and belong. "

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