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 Maly Danino- PhD.



2007-2011       Ph.D. in Education, Haifa University

1981-1987       M.Sc. in Educational Management, Ben Gurion University

1974-1976       B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, Ben Gurion University


Professional Experience

2003 – Present            Executive Director of Nitzan, the Israeli National Association for the Advancement of Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities

2003-2007, 2010        Teaching a Master's Degree Course in Learning Disabilities, University of Haifa, Bar Ilan University, The Open University,

                                       Emek Israel College

1999-2003                   Founder and director of the Learning Disabilities Unit of Psychological Services of the Ministry of Education.

1991-1999                   Principal, HaSharon High School for students with learning


1989-1990                   Educational Counselor, HaYovel School, Ra'anana Supervisor of Educational Counselors, Ha'Sharon District.

1980-1987                   Educational Counselor, Dgania School, Beer Sheva and a member of the management team.

1985-1987                   Educational Counselor Instructor, the Psychological Counseling Service, the Ministry of Education, Southern District

1977-1980                   Educational Counselor, Metzodot School, Kiryat Shmona

1974-1976                   Culture Coordinator, Student Dormitories, Ben Gurion




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Lectures given in conferences in Israel:

09/2012           "Emotional Support for Parents with Learning Disabled Children: Comparing Group Counseling and Individual Coaching and the     

                          Factors for Success in Each Intervention". Conference on learning disabilities and ADHD in light of positive psychology- new directions in                                  working with parents and teachers. The conference was held in cooperation of Nitzan Association, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and                              the Israeli Psychological Association.

02/2012           "Vulnerability, Competition and Freedom within Groups". The National Scientific Conference, the Israeli Association of Group Psychotherapy.

09/2011           "Love Between Parents and Children". A conference for parents and professionals in cooperation with the Tel Aviv University.

05/2011           "An Empowering Parent Promotes His Child's Future- A Child with Learning Disability is Worthy of an Empowering Parent".

                          Nitzan's Seminar in cooperation with Kaye Academic College of Education in Beer Sheva.

05/2011           "Parents' Intervention and Support for their Child with Learning Disabilities". Lecture given to students of the Department of Counseling and                            Human Development, Haifa University.

04/2010          Member of the panel discussion of the Israeli Public Health Conference, Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv.

03/2010           "Emotional Therapy for Children". Nitzan's conference in cooperation with the Tel Aviv University and the Academic College of Emek Yezreel.

09/2009           Nitzan's Annual Parents' Conference on Learning Disabilities and

ADHD-               New approaches in dealing with emotional and social difficulties among children with learning disabilities and ADHD

08/2008           Parents' Inner Emotional World. A conference for parents and professionals in cooperation with the Tel Aviv University.

06/2008           "Children with Special Needs". Seminar, Nitzan and the Tel Aviv University.

12/2004           "Dealing with and Hoping for". A seminar in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Nitzan and the Tel Aviv University.


Lectures given in conferences abroad


06/2018           "Coach your Child to Success” International Conference - “How to Love a Child in The Family” – the Parliament of Lithuania

11/2014           "Coach your Child to Success”  25th annual conference CHADD

03/2012           "Group as Common Ground". AGPA.

06/2011           42nd International Meeting. SPR.

03/2011           "Group as a Sound of Resilience and Change". AGPA.

02/2006           43rd Annual International Conference- LDA in Jacksonville. LDA.


Lectures and workshops abroad


11/2018           ECC - Emotional Cognitive Coaching - 10 day seminar for teachers and care givers of children with special needs. The Federal Ministry for                                Women Affairs and Social Development in Abuja, Nigeria

12/2018           ECC – Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops – Ministry of Education Lithuania

03/2018           ECC – Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops – Ministry of Education Lithuania

12/2016           ECC – Emotional Cognitive Coaching 10 days course – Ministry of Education Lithuania 

11/2016           ECC – Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops – Ministry of Education Latvia

11/2016           ECC – Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops – Liepaja University Latvia.

05/2016           ECC-Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops – Ministry of Education Lithuania.

05/2016           ECC-Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops – Siauliai University, Lithuania

05/2016           ECC-Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops – Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Vilnius Lithuania

10/2015           ECC-Emotional Cognitive Coaching workshops  –  Ministry of Education Lithuania.

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