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  Thirteenth Encounter  


Dr. Maly Danino - presents
 Thirteenth Encounter - Follow–up  
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The follow-up encounter takes place six months after the training process has reached its conclusion.  During this encounter the coach and the parent-in-training will examine the training accomplishments from the perspective of the time that has passed since.

  Assessing the training accomplishments six months later  


We will ask the parent-in-training what he went through since he completed his training, and examine with him the accomplishments of training six months later using the following questions:

Where are you today?  Where is the child?

Where do you stand in relation to the training goal you have set for yourself?


Does the process continue to occur after the training has ended?  What have you preserved and perhaps even improved and what have you not been able to implement?


What did you experience during the training process?  What is the significance of the process for you with the perspective of time?


What insight have you gained from the process?


How did the training process contribute to your life:  Your relationship? Your parenthood?  Your work?  What do you need today?

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  Video text - Thirteenth Encounter   

This is a follow-up meeting that takes place after six months. The purpose of the meeting is to examine the achievements of coaching through a timeline perspective.

Ask the parent where he is today and where is the child?

Ask the parent if the process continues even after the training is over and how he applies everything he has learned in his daily life with his child, but also in other areas of life - in work, in the family, and in relationships.

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